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PIKSEL15 Exhibition Opening Tour!

| Thursday 19 NOV | 18:00 – 20:30 | Join us at S12 Galleri @ 18:00 for the opening of the Piksel15 Exhibition!  We will tour all the gallery spaces, arriving at Østre @ 20:00. 34 artists, 5 venues!     1 – S12 Galleri Sparebanksgaten 4A 2 – Lund-Tønnesens kjeller Kong Oscars gate 13 3 – BART – Bergen StreetArt

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ReFunct Media | Benjamin Gaulon, Gijs Gieskes, Karl Klomp, Tom Verbruggen

ReFunct Media installation since 2010 In the “Practice of Everyday Life” Michel de Certeau investigates the ways in which users-commonly assumed to be passive and guided by established rules-operate. He asserts: “This goal will be achieved if everyday practices, “ways of operating” or doing things, no longer appear as merely obscure background of social activity, and if a body of

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Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator | Robertina Šebjanič

Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator addresses the possibilities of coexistence of animals and machines. In contrast to robots, which are driven by digital artificial intelligence, the project uses a live organism to process the “aliveness” of a simple machine. In the era of the Sixth Extinction of species, after pulsating through the world’s seas and oceans for over 500 million

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Sublunary Echo | Sabina Ahn

Sublunary Echo is an interactive installation that uses bioluminescent phytoplankton (P. fusiformis) as a material. This piece makes a feedback loop between natural elements, humans and machines, alluding to the symbiotic relationship and cycle with a different type of energy. Spectators are invited to a space that can interact with living light particles and explore the sound of microorganism. [MicroNarrative]

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BSM_NHC – bionic sound machina – no human composer | Oscar Martin

BSM_NHC – bionic sound machina | no human composer The starting point of the installation it is to create a bio/artificial ecosystem that evolved symbiotically, generating a non-human sound composer. The bio / machine proposes an alliance between “intelligence” of a different nature, a chimeric device consisting of a biological pseudo intelligence (Physarum polycephalum) and an artificial psudo-intelligence based on

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POND BATTERY: A Poetics of Green Energy | Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits

POND BATTERY: A Poetics of Green Energy  Biotricity is an art-science research that uses negotiations with living microorganisms for free electricity. Bacteria, who live in a mud,water sediment, waste, soil, inside of our bodies, that is, everywhere where they can ‘eat’ organic matter and where there is nearlyno oxygen, release free electrons. For several years RIXC artists, together with scientists,

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Lab for Physical Music | Harald Fetveit

Lab for Physical Music  ///  *postponed to a later date* Dans for voksne organised a gig with Sunn o))). This was long before they were well known, at least in Norway. They had ordered 126dB SPL on stage. The sound could be sensed with the whole body. Some time later, a guy wrote and asked if there’d be any more

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REMAP (Roland Electro-Mechanical Audio Plotter) | Signal to Noise

REMAP (Roland Electro-Mechanical Audio Plotter) is a project by UK artist duo Signal-to-Noise, Oliver Wilshen and Niall Quinn. This prototype electro-mechanical sound device is based on the Roland DXY pen plotter, a discontinued printing technology of the 1980s, which is combined with audio cassette tape technology in order to playback prerecorded ‘found’ sound recordings from a magnetically encoded audio tape

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SATELLITEN Satellites are used for almost all modern achievements, from  communication or navigation systems to environmental monitoring and  military purposes. By now there are approximately 3000 satellites in  orbit, about 1000 of those are still operating. The majority of these  objects revolve our planet in 200km to 2000km height, with an orbital  period of 90 to 130 minutes. Despite their

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