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Whispers | Katrin Caspar, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka

Whispers consists of a dozen small modules suspended on thin transparent threads in a space. Each module – originally taken from children’s speaking toys – has a speaker, a microphone, a motor and a small computing unit (circuit). Together they build up an autonomous system listening to bird sounds transmitted by one static speaker in the room. The modules work as performers, receiving and playing back all nearby

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ↄ⃝ NSA – (ɔritical) Networked Streaming Action

ↄ⃝ NSA – (ɔritical) Networked Streaming Action Installation and autonomous environment The installation   ↄ⃝ NSA proposes a new listening interface for the information age and components of mass culture transmissions. Across which dozens of radio transmissions literally redrawn, re-arranged and randomly broadcast in space, the installation plays with the clichés from pop to information overloads that is prevalent in our

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TemporAIR | Maxime Damecour

TemporAIR      Kinetic Sculpture Platform, 2014 This platform allows to animate various elastic materials and apply film like effects in real-time. The sculptures are formed from materials such as thin aircraft cables or plastic meshes driven by software and hardware of my own design. The result is material in motion that creates a very sharp blur with reality. This

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Monitored Artwork | Wolfgang Spahn, Malte Steiner

Monitored Artwork The physical and virtual presence of the audience becomes part of the interactive installation Monitored Artwork by Wolfgang Spahn and Malte Steiner. The installation is an immersive, sound, kinetic, light environment, which plays and demonstrates the current methods and technical simplicity of contemporary electronic surveillance. The first encounter with the installation shows the cosy comfort of security, which

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The chemicals talk | Erin Sexton

The chemicals talk sound, epsom salt/copper crystals, glass, electronics 2015 This crystal–sound sculpture arose from an experiment with dry ice.  Carbon dioxide was recorded bubbling through a super saturated solution.  Crystals grew.  The recording and resulting crystals are brought into contact once again.  Conversations emerge.  Events resonate across phase boundaries, particles interact beyond space-time.   BIO Erin Sexton Erin

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Cocíclo | Alexandre Castonguay

Cocíclo proposes a participative experience that occurs in the streets of the Bergen. It enables a reflection on the collection and visualization of data.  It consists in an electronic circuit that responds to the concentrations of pollutants in the air of our cities.  In its wearable form, it emits audible beeps that augment in frequency following the increase in carbon

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Personal Zone | Marek Sitko

Personal Zone Every living creature has a personal space, crossing of which causes discomfort, anxiety and an impulse to move away, defend oneself or escape. Personal space is characteristic for humans and animals, but the results of the study of the nature of plants revealed that they also exhibit the possession of such a space. The research shows that plants

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