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ENTROPIE | Wolfgang Spahn

ENTROPIE Both, sound and projection are based on different analogue and digital machines developed by the artist. Each system generates simultaneously structured noise as well as abstract light patterns. The invention of moving pictures originally went along with an artificial separation of sound and visuals that is still visible today in different codec’s used for image and sound. The performance

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∆V | Kasia Justka

∆V high voltage, pressure and sparks The smell of electric potential difference. Signal tensions oscillating between 9000 or 3 volts as well as thousands of Hertz…. In order to see, to hear the physical aspects of electricity. Spark ionization, electric discharge, pulses and voltage breakdown. Oscillating tension with lights , sounds and electrified atmosphere. The heart of audio-visual synchronization // SIGNAL, Flow of

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Bio-Vortex (Bio-Illuminating The Vortex) | Ben Freeth

Bio-Vortex (Bio-Illuminating The Vortex)  “Some things, though they are not in their nature fire, nor any species of fire, yet seem to produce light” – Aristotle 4th Century BCE 1 // Overview Bio-Vortex (Bio-Illuminating the Vortex) envisions a hybrid musical instrument, part living part electromechanical. This assemblage works with the natural metabolism of bioluminescent algae as a technical system interfaced

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Blood Music | Roosna & Flak

Blood Music First law of thermodynamics: Work is heat, and heat is work! The solo Blood Music is inspired by Albert Camus’ reading of the Sisyphus myth, where, in a surprising gesture, he declares Sisyphus to be a free man, not, as most others would think, slave to a meaningless task. Sisyphus, as the archetype of an absurd man, is

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CipherSongs: Trustless | Rob Canning, Antonios Galanopoulos, Barbara Kukovec

CipherSongs: Trustless is the second in a series of performance and installation works reflecting on issues surrounding encrypted network communication technologies. It is a data driven, audio visual installation/performance which responds to real-time data from the Bitmessage service. Bitmessage is a decentralised, peer-to-peer, trustless communications protocol. The service became particularly popular after the 2013 Snowden revelations exposing the widespread collection

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Sexus 3 [Part I: Zhora] | Quimera Rosa

Sexus 3 [Part I: Zhora] With a nod to The piano teacher by Elfriede Jelinek, this performance revises the universe of Blade Runner in a post porn version: here, the replicants have left humanity for good… mixing scenes of cyberpunk surrealism with non-conventional sexual practices, the sEXUS 3 transform their bodies into sexo-sounding instruments through electronic prosthesis connected the flesh

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