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Lunar Apocalypseweb

Lunar Apocalypse | Matteo Pasin

Lunar Apocalypse Deconstructing a Ms-Dos videogame frantically running through textures and levels of Duke Nukem 3d (Windows7 glitching colors). A series of 9 videos glitching the 9 levels that compose the second episode of Dn3d Lunar apocalypse: Spaceport, Incubator, Warp factor, Fusion station, Occupied territory, Tiberius station, Lunar reactor, Dark side, Overlord. This video is part of Fragments and Flows:

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ppg256_2 copy

From “ppg256” | Nick Montfort

From “ppg256” Beginning in 2007, I wrote a series of seven very short Perl programs to generate poems. Each program in the ppg256 (Perl poetry generator in 256 characters) series consists of exactly 256 characters of code. The programs use no data sources except for strings in the code itself; no other programs or special libraries are invoked. Six of

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Anarchotopia | Karen Eliot

Anarchotopia “Imagine there’s no countries, no possession, no need for greed or hunger. Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” Inspired by John Lennon, we’re testing this idea: Anarchotopia is a virtual island in Second Life, providing free space for anybody. Users are allowed to build whatever they like, in any style or size they wish. Since land in

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fwiw3 WEB

For What It’s Worth | Pall Thayer

For What It’s Worth Contemporary art is driven by its success in a consumer-based society. In other words, it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. That’s fine. However, there is a growing amount of art that has no resale value. It is immaterial, it is ephemeral, its value will not grow over time. This is an example

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As time goes on | Giuseppe Gavazza

As time goes on “The phenomenon of music is given to us with the sole purpose of establishing an order in things, including, and particularly, the co-ordination between man and time.” Igor Stravinsky, Chroniques de ma vie) As time goes on (*1) is a Pure Data patcher that manages sound files in relations with running time, starting from a given

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music-obfuscator-comic copy

Music Obfuscator | Benjamin Grosser

Music Obfuscator At the behest of corporate copyright holders, media sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have implemented listening algorithms designed to identify uploaded music. However, these “Content ID” systems are designed to presume all use is illegal use; every match is automatically flagged, muted, and/or removed. Music Obfuscator enables users to hide music from Content ID. Each audio track

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Floating Sound | Mari Ohno

Floating Sound We release extremely subtle sounds from inside our bodies which are hard to perceive. Although the sound is made by the body, it cannot be heard because of the limited audible range that a human being can hear. This work is a composition using the sound of the composer’s bloodstream as a sound source. All the sounds were

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From “Concrete Perl” | Nick Montfort

From “Concrete Perl”  These are three of the four “Concrete Perl” poems, realized as 32-character Perl programs: Alphabet Expanding ASCII Hegemony Letterformed Terrain One can simply copy and paste the following four lines individually into a terminal — these correspond to the four titles above: perl -e ‘{print$,=$”x($.+=.01),a..z;redo}’ perl -e ‘{print” “.chr for 32..126;redo}’ perl -e ‘{print$”,$_=(a..z)[rand$=];redo}’ For purposes of

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Data Hack – Typing, Reading, Seeding | Shu Lea Cheang

a collection of DATA HACK Reading (2014) converts Cheang’s net art piece, Composting The Net (2012), into a scrambled reading experience. Composting The Net is a generative work where texts are randomly retrieved from online mailing lists and open archives, including IDC (list of the Institute for Distributed Creativity), Spectre (list for media art and culture in Europe), nettime (lists

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