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WORKSHOPS: Call for participants!

Open call for PARTICIPATION. The workshops are free to attend, but with a limited number of seats. Sign up NOW!   To register send an email with the subject [NAME OF THE WORKSHOP] to piksel15(at)piksel(dot)no. WORKSHOPS given by Maxime Damecour, Sébastien Piquemal, Tim Shaw, Rosa Quimera Quimera,Wolfgang Spahn, Malte Steiner, John Bowers, Tim Shaw, Alexandre Castonguay, Christian Xian Mong,Robertina Sebjanic,

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Live projection mapping with aziz!LightCrew’s Freeliner | Maxime Damecour

Live projection mapping with aziz!LightCrew’s Freeliner ‘alcFreeliner’ is a open source projection mapping tool built to improvise animations on anything in the reach of a projector. Developed over the past 2 years, it has become quite full of features. But its interface is very rudimentary; it relies on a keyboard, mouse, and three lines of informational text. This workshop will

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Fields | Sébastien Piquemal, Tim Shaw

Fields Smartphones are now almost ubiquitous and their built-in speakers can be surprisingly loud providing you play the right sounds through them. In fact, personal mobile devices are slowly becoming a powerful platform for live performance, opening-up new possibilities for engagement in live music. The Fields system enables musicians and composers to explore the potential of these devices for sound

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BodyNoise performance workshop | Quimera Rosa

BodyNoise performance workshop Body as a sensorial interface #bodynoise #genderhacking #diy/dit #prosthesis #performance #synestesia # sensorial cyborg #transfeminist This workshop is focused on experimental bodysound and performance. We are interested in a collective creation of DIY artefacts as a tool of re-signification of our relationship with technology and its role in the production of subjectivity. We assume a notion cyborg

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Bergen Invocation: A Sonic Reworking | John Bowers, Tim Shaw

Bergen Invocation: A Sonic Reworking Drawing on traditions of psychogeography, improvised noise performance, soundscape research, DIY technologies and public making practices, we will create a performable installation that offers an imaginative remapping of Bergen. We will work in collaboration with workshop attendees making recordings and conducting rituals in sites selected for their geological and historical salience, or in how they

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Cocíclo – workshop | Alexandre Castonguay

Cocíclo In this performative workshop, the participants will assemble an electronic circuit that translates Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentrations into audible sound. The design consists of an Esp8266 based circuit, a CO sensor and a piezo element that enables the sonification, geolocalisation and visualisation of collected data on a community map. The project mixes artistic, environmental and social concerns and adheres

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