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Artificial Stupidity

In this times in which terms like artificial intelligence or artificial life are arising and settling  into different technological fields such as automotive or robotised telephonic assistance, It’s good to take a a look back to this terms from a different perspective and realise first that we still don’t fully understand how a simple plant of our garden works..  and at the same time, our fancy electronic car, can’t still beat us playing chess or our super techy telephone voice assistant with Norwegian name, can’t drive our el-car..  (luckily..)
Fascinated by the concept of “Artificial Intelligence”  but still being unable to find who draws the delicate line that differenciates between what it is intelligent and what is stupid in the computer world.  I decided to make this misterious and pseudo autonomous Audiovisual  performance in which “ predictability” it’s not going to be among the tags that could be applied to the performance..  In a similar way of how a self driving car moves by the world impulsed by the data generated by a multitude of sensors. This performance it’s entirely composed out of real life data.  Mostly audio recordings, real live video feed and my own movements on stage, transmitted via accelerometers , video tracking and recycled wireless game controllers.





Servando Barreiro

Servando Barreiro was born in Santiago de compostela in 1979, (Galicia) has been presenting works in Madrid, Linz, Berlin, Iceland, Galicia, Paris, Rome, Montevideo, Gdansk, Trondheim. Bergen, Oslo among other locations. Sometimes in form of an interactive installation and sometimes as an audiovisual performance or a workshop about new media with free technologies and open source. The last project he’s working on is dedicated to the exploration of physical computing with low cost sensors and open hardware/software.