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As time goes on

The phenomenon of music is given to us with the sole purpose of establishing an order in things, including, and particularly, the co-ordination between man and time.” Igor Stravinsky, Chroniques de ma vie)

As time goes on (*1) is a Pure Data patcher that manages sound files in relations with running time, starting from a given moment considered “the beginning” ( [bang] ).

Conceived in October 2011 for Arte Nova art gallery As time goes on, took the start, in those occurrence, from the recording of the opening concert of a contemporary art exhibit: three different audio samples – each of 100”, recorded during the opening concert – were fragmented and played throughout the duration of the exhibition (100 days), endless (24 h day), every day longer and longer up to the full 100% sample at the end of the exhibition, 100 days later.

This crescendo molto lentamente has been ruled by the tactus of 3 different metronome (timing):

1 – normal western actual time: 100 days/24 hours/60 minutes/60 seconds
2 – french revolution time: 100 days/10 hours/100 minutes/100 seconds
3 – smooth time: every sample of a fixed duration (1 actual normal second) performed at time intervals ever shorter, up to saturate the 100 sample; a rhythmic glissando.

I look for a space, time and meaning specificity to set the parameter of As time goes on in strong connection with the context.

This version uses three samples of my voice reading the present statement in three languages: English, French and Italian. This seems to me coherent with the triple time core (see up 1,2,3) of the project and with the fact I live and work in France and Italy and I was very often in Bergen (sorry, not enough to speak fluently Bokmål or Nynorsk ….)

(*1) … wie die Zeit vergeht … is the title of a famous essay written in 1957 (the year I was born) by Karlheinz Stockhausen



Giuseppe Gavazza

Giuseppe Gavazza, after the degree in Pharmacy, Torino University, studied Composition, Direction, Musicology and Electronic Music at Milano Conservatory taking his diplomas in 1985 ad 1986. Collaborated with CSC Padua University, LIM Milan University, SWF Experimental Studio Freiburg, IRCAM Paris, ACROE Grenoble.

From 1985 he teaches Composition in italian Music Conservatory. He is doing (2012-2016) a PhD at ACROE-ICA Politechnique and UPMF Grenoble on subject: Physical model synthesis as tool for music composition and analysis. From 1991 is professor of Music Composition at Cuneo Music Conservatory

He organized for 25 years events (concerts, seminars, performances, cd and review production, exhibitions) related with research, contemporary arts and music and theatre for children collaborating with Luciano Berio, Sergio Liberovici, Giulio Castagnoli, Enrico Correggia and others.

Young(er) he participated with success to international composition competitions: Irino-Tokyo, Ensemblia Moenchengladbach, Bucchi-Rome, Briccialdi-Terni. Has compositions edited by BMG-Ricordi and Edipan; and music recorded on cd by EMI, Happy New Ears, 2E2M, Datum, DDT, Folkestone Fringe, ICOMS.

Collaborator in artistic direction Camerata Strumentale Alfredo Casella, 1980-1995; Member of administrative board Cooperativa Insieme Musica, L’Opera dei Bambini, 1985-1988; Artistic Director Compositori Associati Torino, 1988-1995 Member of artistic committee Antidogma Musica, several times from 1996 to current day; Composer in residence at ACROE. Institut National Polytechnique Grenoble, from 1998 till now; Head of department MNT (Music and New Technologies) Cuneo Music conservatory, 2001-2007; Head of departemen of Didattica della MMMusica of Cuneo Conservatory from 2008 to 2012.

Artist in residence several times at La Napoule Foundation, USF-Bergen, Bogliasco Foundation, Asilo Bianco, META-Black Mountain College. During these residencies he starts collaborations with visual artists, film and theatre directors, video makers, poets, choreographers and dancers, writers, photographs. In the last years realized more then 100 collaborative project.

My goal – as musician, artist and researcher – is to find new spaces and occasions for my music, possibly in participative and collaborative situations.”
G.G. September 2015

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