BSM_NHC – bionic sound machina – no human composer | Oscar Martin

BionicSound Machina-OscarMartin

BSM_NHC – bionic sound machina | no human composer

The starting point of the installation it is to create a bio/artificial ecosystem that evolved symbiotically, generating a non-human sound composer. The bio / machine proposes an alliance between “intelligence” of a different nature, a chimeric device consisting of a biological pseudo intelligence (Physarum polycephalum) and an artificial psudo-intelligence based on genetic algorithms. In a situation of exchange and mutual influence in their evolution the bio/machina allow us to discover new emergent behaviors perceptible through sound, lights and organization in time.

The device will consist: a colony of Physarum polycephalum (visible to the naked eye or through a TV monitor), a computer where the genetic algorithms (software) and the sounds evolves (audible through speakers) and a number of electronic devices that read data, statements and responses of the colony of Physarum to the sound and light stimuli, generating interaction and exchange of information between them. In the other direction of the feedback the colony of Physarum is in charge to select and evaluate the evolution of the genetics algorithms of the software.



Oscar Martin
Winthertur 1977

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and New Media (UPV). Artist, independent researcher and programmer working in the field of algorithmic poetic and the study of the generative and chaotic systems applied to artistic context in different formats: sound art, installations, performance, radio-net-art. Martin is also behind MetaminaFNR a streaming platform and he is editor of the magazine UrsonateFanzine about aural culture and experimental music UrsonateFanzine. He has conducted numerous workshops on creative and open source tools (FLOSS) and generative systems and computer music. Part of the collective resident since 2009 in the art center HANGAR.ORG.
The artistic practice of Oscar Martin could be understood as a “polyhedric” device of knowledge that hybridized and confluenced art, science and technology from an experimental, unorthodox and critical approach. His theoretical and practical research focuses on the phenomenon of “emergency” and “self-organization” in complex systems, decentralized and chaotic (natural or artificially simulated) and its implementation in the context of artistic creation. Emergency is defined as the onset of complexity from the interaction of a network of simple elements with each other and with the environment by following some simple rules that do emerge more sophisticated level-set behaviour. His pieces are based on the development of generative systems inspired by these phenomena, using as main material light and sound in different formats ranging from performance, installation, publishing and digital distribution. From the sound aspect of his work Martin propose ¬†an active listening and expansion of ours perception through the physical-acoustic experience of emergence behaviour in the limits of the chaotic and order structures.