City-GO / NoTours | Horacio González Diéguez, Enrique Tomas


City-Go / NoTours

Do you have a story to tell us about Bergen? Do you want everybody to hear it when they walk throughout the city?

City-go! proposes an augmented aurality experience of the Bergen city created by YOU.

Choose a point in Bergen and tell us a story about it. Record the story in a sound studio and attach it to the Bergen map thorugh an smartphone app. When somebody visit the same location with their phones, the stories become alive again!

NoTours is an‘s project that makes it possible to walk spaces experiencing an augmented acoustic reality. NoTours alters the perception of space by superimposing new layers sounds to a territory, allowing the creation of parallel realities and connecting the real space with its past (the collective memory of its inhabitants). NoTours transforms pedestrian’s walks in an unexpected and overwhelming surround sound experience.

NoTours is a software developed by for Android mobile platform. It uses GPS technology along with the Digital Compass of the phone for allowing you to build interactive site specific sound-narratives. NoTours makes it possible to acoustically explore and experience the space through a mix of real sounds with binaural and ambisonic recordings that are controlled depending on user´s location and movement. NoTours doesn’t constrain the sound walk to a particular path. While enjoying it you can move freely and build your own narratives as you decide your next steps. It is an immersive sound experience without limitations.



Horacio González Diéguez

Fine Arts degree and PHD student in Design an Engineering at University of Vigo. Horacio González coordinates a festival of art, music and technology alled IFI, from 2002 to 2003 and becomes part of VHPlab and collectives in 2005 and 2006 respectivecly. He currently lectures in a Master for future Secondary School teachers at the University of Vigo, is part of Ulobit along with Xoán-Xil López and Ariel Ninas, develops noTours platform together with Enrique Tomás and has recently started a critical action and cultural engineering project called Agentes del Caos in collaboration with Ania Gonzalez.


Enrique Tomas

Enrique Tomás is a sound artist and researcher who dedicates his time to finding new ways of expression and play with sound, art and technology. His work explores the intersection between sound art, computer music, locative media and human-machine interaction. As an individual artist, Tomás’ activity is centered around “” and focuses on performances and installations with extreme and immersive sounds and environments.