Solar Kinetic Sculpture Workshop | Egil Paulsen

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Solar Kinetic Sculpture Workshop

Would you like to make a sculpture that gets alive with the sun?

With the participation of the artist Egil Paulsen, you will produce robotic sculptures whose energy source is the sun. These sculptures make up small engines that convert solar energy into kinetic energy. The art produced by all participants will be part of the exhibition Piksel Kids program within the Piksel Festival 2015.

Become familiar with how solar power works, and create art using renewable energy!

Recycling, derelict materials, and self-sufficiency are keywords that would emerge in some future where new life forms will have to rely on other building blocks than those required for biology. Thinking of plastic being the only thing left for grabs for new life forms has resulted in a series of ‘living’ kinetic sculptures. These sculptures would act like little sprouts from this extreme futuristic scenario.

You are invited to a workshop where you can take part of this journey by creating playful little sculptures that moves with the help of solar cells. Combine art and technology in a fun way by creating simple poetic machines, which in turn gives way to experiencing renewable energy technology, where movement and animism are its direct aesthetic qualities. The workshop is suitable for children of 8 years and up.



Egil Paulsen

Egil Paulsen works with new media art as well as drawing, digital painting and illustration.

Egil graduated from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2014 where he was enrolled under the Department of Fine Art.

As a graduated bachelor in computer science with a genuine interest in subjects such as HCI, he is occasionally teaches color perception and Universal Design at Oslo University College. Egil also works freelance within visualization and system development