City-Water | Gemma Latham, Elizabeth Weihe

shrimping it 2

City Water

Are you a “water curious?”, does a certain temperature and muddy water mean the water is healthy? Or do we need water full of useful stuff for animals to live in it?

In this workshops, you will be “making” your own computer sensors and devices to test the water. Will go to the Bergen shores and test how is the water doing in here. Join us to be an enviromental biologist for 2 days!!!

City water is an engagement project to visualize water data from the city in physical and digital environments. Young people produce their own arduino based water sensors, and gather water data from the city . This data is visualized in the game Minecraft using the Raspberry Pi mcpi API, and displayed on onboard LEDs. The project is then documented on github, a social project distribution service. Young people explore critical thinking around their local natural environment of the city and its relationship to water and the sea through building and using their own sensors and translating this to a game world they may be familiar with.



Gemma Latham

As a participatory artist, I utilize accessible tools, digital and physical, to engage audiences, from Minecraft and code to simple repetitive processes. Long fascinated by the immersive qualities of making processes, I seek to capture experiences of flow and seek out methods that enable participants’ experiences to be collected and interpreted. Most recently I have been exploring biometric feedback mechanisms as a way of producing usable live data for artistic interpretation.


Elizabeth Weihe

In my art practice I work with exploring how our surroundings are a part and a result of processes and structures. From many years of living and traveling on my sailboat my more recent work is drawn from observing the changing coastlines and peoples relationships to the sea. I am interested in the volatile memory of the sea and the coast, investigating and sharing the knowledge and memory it carries.