DIY BioLab: How to mix molecular biology and electronics as new performances | Cristian Delgado


DIY BioLab

Molecular biology has for many years proved to be a great tool that accelerates our knowledge of biological phenomena, allowing us to redesign, reinvent and even recreate it.  With this ability to change the basis of biological nature, a lot of questions ethical and social questions have arisen, but one of the most important is: Who can access this technology? A new paradigm recently developed in which many scientists and artists around the world started to make an OpenSource DIY version of this technology. This opens new alternatives for the democratization to science, allowing us to better understand it and the phenomena involved. Art becomes an integral part of this process, instead of being separated from science as many believe, they became one in a beautiful dance.

During this workshop we will:

*Understand the basics of molecular and synthethic biology.
*Construct a full featured kitchen based DIYBIO laboratory.
*Interface experiments with electronics.
*Discuss the pros and cons of technology.
*Some lectures to read.

4-5 hours each day plus break.

DNA Extraction.
DNA Electrophoresis.
DNA Editing.

DAY 2 Biochemistry and biophysics
Phytochemical extractions and their relation with chemical reactions.
Bio Electricity.
Bacterial and plant signalling.



Cristian Delgado AKA Neoangel
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Molecular and synthethic biologist, from Faculty of Sciences UNAM CU, works on posibilities of applying biological aspects to technology, from biomimetics to bionanotechnology, also he worked on DIYBIO  developing tools from synthethic biology, including collaboration with interdisciplinary projects like ARTE+CIENCIA, BIOSCENICA, PDI UNAM, UNESCO, ICTP, 3DMJMAKERS among others, with a special emphasis on art and science, with works awarded by MIT, UNAM, and others.