Farm animals Augmented book | Jose David Cuartas


Farm animals: Augmented book is an open source and open design version of the interaction metaphor used by the Bridging Book project. This connects a printed book with an Android tablet, using magnets embedded in its pages. Developed with the Processing language and with the Ketai and apwidgets libraries and released under the license GPL version 3.

We developed a prototype of a book, which can control different multimedia content on the mobile device, with the action of turn of the book pages. It was found that with the use of magnets and free open source technologies is possible to connect wirelessly analogical artifacts (like the printed book) with digital artifacts, generating experiences where a medium extends in the other.

This project is the result of experimental research, due that the official information about the Bridging Book project only mentioned that had with magnets embedded in the upper left corner in the pages, beacuse they are in the process to get the patent of this technology. Never was possible to have access to the physical book, nor to the software application, so we decided to make your own Open Source and Open design book.

For further information, download the application or download the source code go to the website:



Jose David Cuartas

Director of Hypermedia Laboratory for Communication Technologies in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Los Libertadores University, Bogot√°, Colombia.
Visual Designer fro the University of Caldas (Manizales,Colombia) And Current student of PhD in Design and Creation at the University of Caldas (Manizales, Colombia).
Promoter of the use and development of free software, free culture and emerging technologies in the field of art, design and entertainment. (Free Software user since 1999).  With vocation toward the multimedia programming, research on emerging technologies, interface design and interaction, convergence Engineering-Design-Art and the creation of interactive installations.