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Lunar Apocalypse

Deconstructing a Ms-Dos videogame frantically running through textures and levels of Duke Nukem 3d (Windows7 glitching colors). A series of 9 videos glitching the 9 levels that compose the second episode of Dn3d Lunar apocalypse: Spaceport, Incubator, Warp factor, Fusion station, Occupied territory, Tiberius station, Lunar reactor, Dark side, Overlord.

This video is part of Fragments and Flows: a research which uses photography and video as cognitive survey instruments, targeted to problematize the look into the daily life and to witness and document the becoming as the first principle of reality. The intent is that of unveiling noise as the original element underneath the superstructure (fragments) that delimits and constrains the multiplicity in the becoming of matter (flows). It is not to create, represent, abstract, but simply to contemplate and document, free from preconceived perception of pragmatic and utilitarian patterns through a kind of immanent deconstruction.



Matteo Pasin

Born in Treviso in 1986, Matteo Pasin is an Italian photographer and video artist based in Milan. He graduated in 2011 from University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, in Philosophy. In january 2012 he has been selected for one year residence at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa of Venice. Now he is studying photography at Cfp Bauer in Milan. His videos have been screened in a number of international festivals and his pictures have been displayed in collective exhibitions.

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