High bitch | SCREAMING IT


High bitch

A spatial sculptural sound scenario more or less.


photo credit: Aleks Slota / Licia Londini



a collaboration between Dr. Nexus and Greta Christensen (DK)


Dr. Nexus is world wide well known for his punk ass attitude which pretty much already there describes his approach on “music”. DIY electronic stuff such “ass” devises and modules and synths works wonders in the hands of mr. Nexus and fills the space with noises and rythms in improvised formations. To describe the sound of Dr. Nexus in human vocabulary you could call it “Hyper spasms of beats and noises” or something like a mental miniskirt.
Greta Christensen works in the collaboration “Vinyl terror & horror” together with Camilla Sørensen. The project exists since 2001 and focuses on the relationship between object and sound. All this is materialized in sound installations, releases, concerts or/and fucked up LP-record behaviour in general The work – whether it is a presented as an installation or a concert – uses sound to create a cinematic narrative that always directly refer to the medium playing it or the situation it is presented in. The sculptural work includes amounts of various materials where the live concert focuses exclusively on LP-records and turntables. She performs in rare occasions solo under the name “vinyl HORROR” with the aim at making the unseen hear-able….hmmm…. and the other way around.