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Personal Zone

Every living creature has a personal space, crossing of which causes discomfort, anxiety and an impulse to move away, defend oneself or escape. Personal space is characteristic for humans and animals, but the results of the study of the nature of plants revealed that they also exhibit the possession of such a space. The research shows that plants feel violations of their comfort zone and react to it in a negative way, which is however unnoticeable to us or perceptible only after a longer period of time.

Is it possible that machines also have a personal zone?

Successive industrial revolutions contribute to the emergence of increasingly complex machines, which are changing our lives. The upcoming next industrial revolution will use machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Their construction requires not only technical knowledge but also the achievements of the natural sciences and the humanities. There will be created a new form of life – artificial life (AL), and we will have to learn to coexist with it. What will it be like? Will it have the features of living things?

The presented artwork is an interactive sculpture-machine (an artificial being) and has a certain level of intelligence. It can control space surrounding it. While not disturbed, it lives its own life. It is anxious when it senses human presence nearby. If an intruder comes too close to it, its personal space is violated – and the sculpture leans to avoid contact.

The sculpture was created using an open-source microcomputer platform Arduino and free software.



Marek Sitko


Mark Sitko – born in 1959, electrical engineer (graduate of the Technical University of Gdansk) and artist (graduate of the University of Arts in Poznan). The combination of artistic and technical education helps him recognize and study the relationship between art, science and technology. He specializes in painting, sculpture and new media. He treats art, science and technology as equivalent and equally interesting areas of human creativity.

Diploma of the University of Arts in Poznan achieved in 2013 at the Faculty of Artistic Education in Prof. Jacek Jagielski Sculpture Workshop for the installation titled “I Have Time” and theoretical work titled “Artist in the technosphere. The concept and the genesis Cyber Arts” under the direction of Prof. Roman Kubicki.

He lives and works in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland