∆V | Kasia Justka


high voltage, pressure and sparks

The smell of electric potential difference.
Signal tensions oscillating between 9000 or 3 volts as well as thousands of Hertz….
In order to see, to hear the physical aspects of electricity.
Spark ionization, electric discharge, pulses and voltage breakdown.
Oscillating tension with lights , sounds and electrified atmosphere.
The heart of audio-visual synchronization // SIGNAL, Flow of electricity.



Kasia Justka

Polish multimedia artist based in Berlin. Her work capitalizes on her obsessions with the medium of electricity and weird sounds- Her art can be seen as invocations to the vast power inherent within electronic systems and networks…With this conceptual frame in mind Kasia fashions a dynamic order and form from primitive entropy. Using light, video, objects, and sound  as her tools, her Intuitive and analogue based performances have led to collaborations with musicians, theaters, galleries, clubs, fashion designers, artists and a whole host of other respected luminaries working in different disciplines within the creative spectrum. Among these are: Electrovision London, Noise=Noise, Transvisualia, Free Form Festival, CynetArt_08, Unsound Festival, Warsaw Electronic Festival, gallery Zacheta, Piksel, WRO, TR Warszawa, Volksbuhne and others.