Sublunary Echo performance | Sabina Ahn

sublunary Echo2

Sublunary Echo performance

Sublunary Echo is an interactive installation that uses bioluminescent phytoplankton (P. fusiformis) as a material. This piece makes a feedback loop between natural elements, humans and machines, alluding to the symbiotic relationship and cycle with a different type of energy. Spectators are invited to a space that can interact with living light particles and explore the sound of microorganism.

The material I used is microbial bioluminescent plankton that can produce light only in their night cycle when they are agitated. The shining living water will visualize sound in the air; voice and light particles are sonified. When we are looking through a microscope, we can see a lot of intriguing shapes of life. We probably can imagine a story of the life. With using software and hardware, we can see a narrative of the very primitive natural elements. Also, water is the origin of all kinds of life that contains some spiritual or emotional inspiration to this work. But mostly, among those themes, this work is aiming to communicate with organic creature and to see how they can interact with us and how technology can analyze them.



Sabina Ahn 

Sabina Hyoju Ahn is a film director, sound and media artist, working professionally with art and technology for the last six years in New York, Seoul, and London. She has graduated from MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University, and recently, Sabina has moved to the Hague, Netherlands to continue her research in ArtScience at Royal Conservatoire. Her works are mainly focusing on experimenting with human perception and natural elements and finding a boundary where these can mingle with technology.