The chemicals talk | Erin Sexton


The chemicals talk
sound, epsom salt/copper crystals, glass, electronics

This crystal–sound sculpture arose from an experiment with dry ice.  Carbon dioxide was recorded bubbling through a super saturated solution.  Crystals grew.  The recording and resulting crystals are brought into contact once again.  Conversations emerge.  Events resonate across phase boundaries, particles interact beyond space-time.



Erin Sexton

Erin Sexton (b. 1982) is a Canadian artist who works in sound, performance, and installation.  She explores the temporality of matter with electronics and crystallization, while trying to make (meta) physical processes manifest within immediate experience.  After 10 years of practice based in Montreal, Sexton is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Bergen, Norway.  Her current research involves amateur radio installations, the ionosphere, and communication potential both with and beyond the human.